About Us


Our mission is provide our clients with permanent and programmable outdoor lighting with unprecedented attention to quality and design. Our commitment is Letting Our Lights shine From Coast to Coast by providing excellent products, quality and service . Our mission is to exceed our clients expectations by providing an unforgettable experience. Our team is fully committed to build strong relationships with our clients in which they feel trust and confidence in our product and service.

A Few of Our Benefits

          TRIMLIGHT is a patented innovation that allows permanent, exterior lighting to be installed on homes and business. Our channel is hardly noticeable during the day and adds and extra architectural feature to any building.

          TRIMLIGHT comes in many different colors to match or complement any color of building.

          TRIMLIGHT channels hold the lights securely in place and hides the wires from the view, leaving your home or business with elegant lighting that is perfectly spaced.


Trimlight allows users to customize their lighting system with  millions of colors and features all from their smartphone or tablet.


Trimlight exclusively uses LED lighting technolgy that is designed to last far longer than conventional incandescent bulbs and uses only a fraction of the power


Our control box  can be

mounted in the garage, closet, or even outside. The trimlight remotes can work from inside your home


We offer a 20 Year- Lifetime

warranty on all parts of your system. We also provide a 5 year

quality guarantee on all of our labor.

Our Values


We are firm believers in the work-hard,

play-hard lifestyle. Our high performance

team is highly rewarded


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